About Me

Hi, I’m Izabel!

18 years ago I landed on earth and entered into a lifelong journey of discovering my place in this crazy, beautiful world.

I spend my free time learning, exploring, hanging out with my three sisters, reading, and studying Spanish. I have a passion for education, living minimally, sustainability, and languages and cultures. At the same time, my passions are constantly evolving and growing as I do.

For the last three years, I’ve been living out of my backpack world-schooling and full-time world-traveling with my family. At the end of 2015 the six of us made the decision that we were done with this American life and ready to see the world with our own eyes. A month later, with nearly everything was sold or donated and the rest was packed into six backpacks, we boarded a plane to Mexico. Since then we’ve explored over 22 countries on four continents, met amazing people who I now call my friends, learned, laughed, cried, and overall lived a life that I love wholeheartedly through the highest highs and biggest challenges.

Some of the most memorable times of this year have been periods we spent workawaying or volunteering in various countries. Workaways are basically a work-exchange where you contribute at least five hours of solid work per day in exchange for beds, cultural experience, and good meals. My parents and I volunteered as English teachers at a school in Thailand while my sisters participated in the classrooms, we spent a few weeks in Denmark cooking and helping out at a ceramic arts conference, then we volunteered at another English school in Morocco for three months as guest speakers, most recently we worked at horseback riding summer-camp in rural Bulgaria.

These are the experiences that taught me the most, and many of them have inspired me to think in new ways about how I want to continue a nomadic lifestyle as I enter into living independently. I loved teaching English in Thailand and helping out in the Moroccan classrooms, so I started tutoring ESL and writing over skype as a job a year ago. I currently have two students. I also started blogging two years ago and with help from an awesome mentorship/internship at a site called Wandering Educators. I’ve started freelancing writing and generating some income through selling articles. In the Fall of 2017, I started college through a distance program at FRCC in Colorado to work towards my Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Education. In the Fall of 2018, I’ll be living in Spain, working and probably doing some solo traveling. After that the possibilities are endless!