Things to Remember for 2019


Things to Remember for 2019

You can change your life at any moment. No matter how much it may seem so, you are never trapped and nothing is ever permanent.

Maintain relationships with the people who are already in your life. A fraction of your time every day should be dedicated to this.

Visit your family when you can. Remember that it’s okay to do your own thing, but regardless keep these relationships strong without being dependent. Guilt is a natural feeling, but how you react to it is more important.

Write something every day, even if it’s just 5 words. And read. And read in Spanish.

Learn French.

Be active as often as possible. Being healthy makes you feel good.

Be less serious every once in a while. You only live once is the truth.

Remember that being young is a strength, not a weakness, so treat it as such. We live in an ageist society and people will make assumptions and comments about you on the basis of age alone, but don’t let it get to you. In fact, embrace those comments as a reminder that yes, you are young and yes, you have still a lot to learn. You’ll never get this time back.

Lose the fear of missing out. You aren’t. Every person lives their life differently and experiences different things, and so do you. Don’t let social media define what you should and shouldn’t do with your time.

In fact, get off social media.

Watch more good films.

Kiss the girls you want and hold hands in public without shame. It’s scary at times and people might look, but remember you never know who’s watching and could benefit from your vulnerability.

Gender expression does not equate sexuality. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

Climb a mountain.

Go to a continent that isn’t Europe or North America by yourself.

You won’t find happiness or fulfilment in other people. These things come from within. The relationships you have do not define you, nor are you validated in any way by having them.

Love doesn’t come when you are searching for it!

Let come what may. Follow the path that flows downstream. Make spontaneous decisions. If achieving something feels like a swim against the current it is probably not your time.

Build something tangible, and keep to it. Stop leaving things unfinished.

Live minimally, collect less stuff, and take more pictures.

Published from Barcelona, Spain on 20/12/2018





Author: Izabel

20 // Writer // ESL Tutor// Wandering the world full-time with a pen in hand.

One thought

  1. Absolutely! For you and for all of us, thanks for the reminder, Izzy, once again you’re spot on the importance of these subjects.

    Enjoy it all! Make the most of it! Make it happen! Be proud! Be happy! Always smile! Love a lot! Say it!

    Many hugs to you and happy end of 2018! Cheers to an even more fabulous 2019!


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